Does size matter?

Fed up with that the smallest thing turns into a huge and expensive project at the big agency? Many meetings and large workgroups? Hire a fast, flexible and personal small agency with big ideas and broad competence.

How does Brand Core grow my business?

With decades of experience in B2B agencies, TV companies, in-house marketing departments and as a marketing manager, you have a shiploads of strategies and know the craft quite well.

Marketing strategy



Video production

Image editing

Expo stands


Social media








 Sociala medier

Some previous projects

Some of hundreds of fun and successful campaigns, films, newsletters, expos, workshops, parties, direct mail, radio spots and more.





Mission: Possible

What makes people queue up at your trade show booth? Well, it’s not pens and a bowl of candy. Here is a booth with the theme “Mission: Possible,” perfectly aligned with the company’s tagline.

Pro’s n’ Roses

The construction trade needed to humorously showcase the benefits of the services they called their “ace up the sleeve.” This is one of four films that got the job done.

Own Your Book

Own Your Book empowers authors to publish independently, without the need for a traditional publishing contract. Brand Core assisted Own Your Book in generating numerous leads, expanding its LinkedIn presence, creating graphic materials, and developing content for social media.

Josh Lenn

Brand Core has developed a marketing strategy, design, hundreds of videos, a couple of online courses, and much more for Josh Lenn’s acclaimed programs, Presenting Passionately and Fail Gloriously.


The company offers smart systems to reduce energy consumption in commercial kitchens. Brand Core has supported with graphic identity, logo, website, advanced LinkedIn marketing strategy, videos, and printed materials.


Brand Core has filmed and edited educational videos, edited extensive reference videos, and case films for the solar energy company EnergiEngagemang. For the client’s project developers, Brand Core also conducted a three-step online LinkedIn training.

Where are the clients?

Have a great product but lacking customers? Then it is the marketing that has failed. You simply do not reach the customer, or reach the customer with the wrong message.

Brand Core has extensive experience in reaching the right customers with the right message via radio, direct mail, trade show stands, large campaigns, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, newsletters, newspaper ads, surveys, digital advertising, television, purchased outdoor advertising and much more.

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Whether you need help updating your Instagram logo, developing a powerful LinkedIn strategy, or a complete brand overhaul, Brand Core is here to assist.

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